Monday, September 10, 2007

Partially Human by Dwayne Anderson

Who causes friction is the story?
While many characters do give Joshua a hard time, none trouble him so much more than Veranda Oltzon, a woman who is so prejudiced against people who are different, she kills them.

Do you prefer bad guys or bad gals?
I really don’t have any preference.

How do you use your bad guys?
They go against everything the hero stands for and they represent what the book condemns. For example, “Partially Human” is a story about accepting yourself and others for who they are and not rejecting them for being different, Veranda Oltzon represents human ignorance and prejudice at its worst.

Do you enjoy writing the bad guys or do you find it difficult?
It’s hard to say. It all depends on how much of their character development you’ve got.

Whether you enjoy writing them or hate writing them, we'd like to know why you feel that way?
Most villains, you grow to hate so much, you just can’t wait for the final confrontation for him or her to get just desserts. Other villains you come to take a liking to and feel sorry for them when they take their last breath. Veranda was a woman disillusioned by rejection as a child which ultimately affected her in a way that was so negative, she was beyond salvation, and ultimately got what she deserved in the end, so you both hate her, yet in the end, you feel sorry for her because of her negative experiences, yet she was unable to “let it go”.

Who is your favorite bad guy in any of your books? Which bad guy and which book are they in?
This is only my third book so far and I haven’t created that many villains to choose from. So far, I have no favorite, but perhaps later.


Dwayne said...

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Yvonne Perry said...

I've never written fiction and had no idea about villians and what they represent. This is a very educational interview. Thank you for sharing.

Yvonne Perry
Author of RIGHT TO RECOVER Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America