Thursday, October 16, 2008

Forever Tonight by Tarra Newlands

Who causes friction is the story?

Theodore who is a bad ass alien with attitude.

Do you prefer bad guys or bad gals?

I like write bad guys and girls at times. I think its a release for the shadow self we all sometimes have.

How do you use your bad guys?

In my books, I use bad guys different ways. In my first book the Dream King, Jonathan whose the bad guy is also a man flawed and looking for redemption. In Forever Tonight, I painted Theodore as a soul less creature who would kill you as soon look at you.

Do you enjoy writing the bad guys or do you find it difficult?

I find it hard at times, but then my shadow self pitches in. Its the old saying 'meet a jerk get to work'.

Whether you enjoy writing them or hate writing them, we'd like to know why you feel that way?

I think writing bad guys is a release from acceptable behaviour.

Who is your favourite bad guy in any of your books? Which bad guy and which book are they in?

I like Jonathan in The Dream King. He's bad, but with a reason and searching for a way to redeem himself.

Is there anything else about your bad guys that we need to know? Feel free to share.

Bad guys can be sexy, but dangerous. Look, but don't touch. LOL

Please provide your website link.

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